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Mindset and skills.

The current conversation in network marketing is about how to get more retail sales. Maybe we should start with a basic premise.

A prospect fills out the distributor agreement online. How many professional sales skills does the new distributor receive? The answer, of course, is none.

Most new distributors have to first change their mindset. This means changing how they look at the prospect, and their intentions. Next, they will have to learn the skills of how to actually talk to people. We are not persuasive just because we passed an English class in high school.

For now, let’s start with the mindset. Let’s help our new distributor understand that we are only offering one more option to a prospect’s life. That will help remove the win-lose feeling when they talk to their first prospects

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Code words for “No!”

People are polite. They don’t want to tell us “No!” to our faces. So they tell us “No!” in code. In our Facebook group, we asked the members some of the way their prospects told them, “No!”

* I want to think it over.
* I will get back to you.
* Give me some information.
* Is there a website I can go to?
* Don’t have time to watch the video right now.
* Have to check with my spouse.
* Need to clear a few things off my calendar first.
* When will you be in the area again?
* It’s a bit cold today.
* I don’t have any cash on me.
* I don’t have a credit card.
* I don’t have a bank account.
* Products are very expensive.
* I have never been a salesman before.
* My aunt was doing this 20 years ago, will check with her before I join.
* I was looking for a job but not this opportunity.
* Family time is very important, cannot come for weekend meetings/training.
* I’m getting married later this afternoon.
* My grandmother’s funeral is this afternoon.
* I forgot to tell you that I am going into the army in the morning.
* Vet says my pregnant pet mouse is due for delivery soon. I have to standby to rush her to the vet when she goes into labor.
* It is just not a good fit for me at this time.
* I have an appointment with a doctor.
* I will think about it and let you know.
* I am very busy with my job.
* Will call you tomorrow and will discuss it then.
* I will ask my big brother.
* Sounds too good to be true.

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