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Foxx Legacy

Posted By on Mar 20, 2017

Those that say, “the money is in the follow up are the ones that are making the money.”

What is follow up? It is simply getting back with your prospect after you have delivered some information. You must follow up after you have given your prospect any information such as your web site, a brochure or other information about your product or business.

The first objective is to answer your prospects questions and address objections.
This is why a three way with a person more knowledgable about Foxx  than you is necessary.

Most people do not join after only one contact. They want to know that you are interested in them and will answer questions they may have. This allows you to establish a relationship and trust with your prospect.

You can bring in a third party to do the follow up or do it alone. If you encounter a question you cannot answer just say, “I don’t have that answer but I will get it for you. Other than that, do you have a question?” Get with your upline, get the answer and get back with your prospect

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