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Ed Mayer

Posted By on Mar 22, 2017

iPhone 7plus… first video with it… Live Team Webinar with Special Guest Update…..Speedo and Hairy Sasquatch… ha ha…Love y'all!! ✌️😉

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Foxx Legacy

Posted By on Mar 22, 2017

What is a nest? It is a group or organization of like minded individuals.

A nest can be your work or job, your school or children’s school, your church, your club, your sports team or fans of the team, your social, civic or other club etc.

Here you will find people that know and trust you. You already have a relationship with them so they should be open to hear about your Foxx product or Foxx business opportunity. Review the Use the Four Step system to build your Foxx business message in this training series.

You can approach each person in the nest one at a time. This is one way.

You could ask the leader, the Center of Influence, for permission to give a presentation to the group.

  • At a presentation or meeting you could put brochures with your name and phone number on each chair at a meeting or plate at a luncheon or dinner.
  • This is a perfect opportunity to give samples. Give out a few and the word will spread through the nest. Soon, people will be asking your for a sample.
  • Use the Center of Influence. Each organization or group has a leader of central figure. This person is the Center of Influence as he/she has influence on others in the group.
  • You could invite the nest members to your home for a Foxx presentation.

The Center of Influence could be the manager or boss at the job, the teacher or professor at a school, the pastor at a church, the president of the club, the captain or coach of the tea m. You get the idea.

It may be that this person is on your Chicken list. If so, go back and reviewYour Chicken List can help build your Foxx business in this training series.

Once you engage the Center of Influence on your Foxx team, they can take over the prospecting in the nest and will go down through the leadership and membership chain and introduce them to their Foxx business which will make your Foxx downline grow.

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