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We all love to travel.

We all know people that love to travel. We also love saving our hard earned money and getting things at a discount.. Travel is the number one searched term on the internet and when people are searching, they are looking for the best deals to their destination without sacrificing comfort and convenience.. What’s even more amazing is that the savings don’t stop with just travel. The savings are in your own backyard. You will be able to have access to discounts at your local stores and restaurants. We have access to a network of 1000’s of local and online retailers where you can save money on shopping, dining, entertainment (sports and music), golf, movies and health and beauty. Volishon delivers the best in travel and savings no matter where you are when you need it.

The Volishon plan has been expanded to offer two new benefits. We know when it comes to traveling, even local travel, roadside hazards and the occasional ticket may occur. Volishon offers a comprehensive premium roadside assistance and traffic defense benefit.  You may run out of gas, get a flat tire, drain your battery, lock your keys in your car, get stuck in a ditch or even get caught going a little too fast getting to an important appointment or work. Regardless of the case it, rely on Volishon to deliver peace of mind when you need it.
The membership plans from Volishon provide the service you deserve, and the peace of mind you want it comes to getting the best travel deals, all the savings you need for you and your household and when the unexpected occurs at home, on the road or at the job.

Volishon provides top notch customer service and a mixture of services to best suit your needs and budget. When you join Volishon, you are in good company…over 20,000 members rely on Volishon’s experience to provide them with the best deals, savings and protection.
When you purchase a Life Style Essentials plan, your coverage begins immediately hours after your payment has been processed. As a member, you’re never locked into a contract. Members are welcome to cancel their accounts at anytime, without any hidden or cancellation fees. Full refunds are granted within 72 hours, and half refunds are granted within 30 days of activating your membership.


As a subscriber to our Premium Lifestyle Essentials plan we pay you 90% of the commissions generated on EVERY BOOKING made on your own personal travel portal! You can start earning CASH BACK today, and with a 100 – 200% LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE on Flights, Hotels, and Rental Cars you can rest assured that you are receiving the best deals possible online.

Volishon My Deals Portal

As a Volishon subscriber, you are member of the largest discount network in North America where you will receive deep discounts up to 80% on Dining, Recreation, Entertainment, Cruises, Movies, Shopping and much much more. We have partnered with thousands of vendors in your local area and hundreds of thousands of vendors worldwide; we leverage millions of members in our network to negotiate discounts that you can take advantage of DAILY.

Volishon Endless Vacations

Enjoy Exclusive $399 7 Night getaways at luxurious 5 Star Resorts, Suites, and Condos all around the world. As a Premium Lifestyles Essentials plan member you have access overstock vacation rentals for below wholesale prices. $399 includes studio and two bedroom rentals! Even if you’re not planning on staying 7-nights, you can still take advantage of $399* Getaways. Simply check in late or leave early, with these prices you can afford it!

Premium Roadside Assistance

The following Service(s) are covered emergency roadside assistance benefits, subject to a One Hundred Dollar ($100) per occurrence limitation and an aggregate covered occurrences limitation:

  • Towing Assistance – When towing is necessary, the Member’s covered disabled vehicle will be towed up to fifty (50) miles to the nearest qualified service facility or destination of your choice.
  • Battery Service – If a battery failure occurs, a jump start will be applied to start the Member’s covered vehicle.
  • Flat Tire Assistance – Service consists of the removal of the Member’s covered vehicle’s flat tire and its replacement with the inflated spare tire; if no spare is available, vehicle will be towed to nearest service facility under the limits of the towing benefit.
  • Emergency Fluid Delivery Service – An emergency supply of up to three (3) gallons of gasoline, oil, fluid and water will be delivered to the Member if the Member’s covered vehicle is in an immediate need. Member must pay for the fuel or other fluid when it is delivered.
  • Lock-Out Assistance – If a Member’s keys are locked inside their covered vehicle, Administrator will provide for assistance gaining entry to the vehicle. Member must provide identification and proof of vehicle ownership at the time that the lockout service is provided or replacement of (1) one key/remote if key/remote becomes inoperable or does not allow access to the vehicle.
  • Winching – When the Member’s covered vehicle can be reached safely from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare, Administrator will provide winching service to extract Member’s covered vehicle from mud, sand, snow, or a ditch, with the use of one person and one normally equipped truck for up to thirty (30) minutes.

Legal Plan

The Legal Plan provides members with the following Free Legal Services: Initial phone consultation for each new legal matter (no time limit)

  • Initial face-to-face consultation for each new legal matter (no time limit)
  • Review of independent legal documents, six page maximum per document, no limit to the number of new independent documents
  • Plan attorneys will prepare a free Simple Will for you and your family, as well as update your will annually for free. (see definition of Simple Will in the Limits and Liabilities section)
  • A state-specific, Web-based, free Living Will form is available to Members. This form can be taken to a plan attorney and completed by the attorney for free
  • Plan attorneys will help Members represent themselves in small claims court
  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, such as INS and welfare
  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will write initial letters on your behalf (one letter per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)
  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will make initial phone calls on your behalf (one call per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)
  • The Legal Plan also provides members with the following Highly Discounted Legal Services

Traffic Court Defense

Administrator will, upon request, pay up to one hundred dollars ($100) to Your attorney for defense of a traffic ticket, not to exceed two (2) in any twelve (12) month period. Each covered Member will be permitted up to one (1) covered occurrence per twelve (12) month membership term.

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