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Understanding what your existing competition is ALREADY doing is super important on Instagram.


1) You can see what your common audience already likes on Instagram
2) You can see what products your competition is sending to your common audience
3) You can BETTER serve the common audience and beat your competition

Easiest way to find your competition is Google.

If you are in the Travel Niche. Google “Best Travel Instagram†.

If you are in the Health Niche. Google “Best Health Instagram†.

In most cases someone has already collected your competition and listed the best of the best.

If not, this is YOUR business so you should know who your competition already so just find them on Instagram.

If you are so new to your OWN business you are going to have to double time it and get to know:

1) who is operating in your niche
2) what they are selling
3) how are they engaging the audience

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