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Tom Paredes gave a presentation to a middle-aged doctor in her home. Boy, what a home!

It was a mansion. Beautiful grounds decorated with matching Mercedes-Benz in the driveway. This doctor had everything including a $400,000 a year income from her practice.

Now, what do you think this doctor would say if he said, “Let me show you how to earn an extra $500 or $1,000 a month?”

She’d laugh.

What if he said “Let me tell you the power of our expanding compensation plan on level four when the moon is full?”

She’d laugh.

What if he said, “Our vitamin C comes from rosehips at 8,000 feet elevation while all the competitors’ vitamin C’s are picked at only 7,500 feet elevation.”

She’d laugh.

She had money, she had health. What she didn’t have was time for Tom. So he simply remembered the core value of freedom. He used a simple presentation that illustrated why she desperately desired time freedom.

He asked, “So how much time do you have to take holidays and vacations with the family?”

She answered, “Time? I have to be at my practice early in the morning. I’m constantly on call. But in return, I make a great income for my family.”

He replied, “Think about your four-year-old daughter. When she grows up, will she remember all the expensive shoes and sweaters that you were able to buy for her, or will she remember the happy times that the family spent together on vacations?”

A tear formed in the doctor’s eye. This is one thing she couldn’t provide for her children. She couldn’t give them the time and attention they wanted. She was a slave to her medical practice. She had no time freedom.

Sponsoring the doctor was easy. There certainly weren’t any cost objections.

The point is: Tom could never have sponsored that doctor with a brilliant flip chart, a memorized presentation, a classy DVD or an opportunity meeting filled with hype.

The only way to get through to the doctor was through one of the universal core values . . . freedom.

See how powerful core values are? But what about financial freedom? Let’s take a look at a quick example.

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MLM Recruit on Demand

Posted By on Apr 9, 2017

Simple, Affordable System Designed to Send You 3-5 Fresh, Real Time Prospects Daily

MLM Recruit On Demand boasts a headline on one of the lead capture page offers affiliates can use that says:

“100% FREE Video Reveals… How to Have 3-5 New People Looking At Your Home Business Every Day!”

It’s a simple recruiting system that has two “Do It Yourself” options and one “Done-For-You” service where they do all the work and send you prospects directly to your phone and website.

MLM Recruiting On Demand Lead Generation Prospecting Service and System

MLMRecruitingOnDemand Lead Generation Prospecting System

Here’s how it works:

OPTION #1: A free option where you’re shown a simple activity that takes about an hour per day and will give a minimum of 3-5 new prospects contacting you, guaranteed. MLMROD calls this their “FREE Approach.”

OPTION #2: This option is a simple one-time upgrade that sends you double the leads as option 1. It’s for people who have tried OPTION #1 and enjoy it, and want to double their leads daily and double the leads going into the email autoresponder the service manages for you. Details here.

OPTION #3: Using their optional paid service where they do all the prospecting work and all you do is sit back and take the incoming prospect calls they set up for you and send direct every day. It’s like outsourcing your whole “Lead Generation and Prospecting Department” in your business.

Now, whether you’re using the free approach or using the paid service, you’ll receive a minimum of 100 incoming calls every month from people with home business experience.

You get a simple proven way to invite them to look at your business.

Take it a step further…

Imagine your current and future team being able to do the same thing.

EXAMPLE: If you had just 10 people on your team receiving at least 100 incoming calls per month each, that would mean at least 1,000 new prospects being exposed to you and your business every single month.

That would mean massive growth for the average home based or online based entrepreneur.

If you’re open to looking at simple, automated and even “done-for-you” options and resources to get more leads and prospects looking at your program, products and offers, I highly recommend you take yourself through their information process, watch the quick video and test them out. It’s a real no brainer for the right entrepreneurs.

MLMRecruitingOnDemand Lead Generation and Prospecting System

MLMRecruitingOnDemand Lead Generation Prospecting System

AFFILIATE PROGRAM: This service also offers you the ability to leverage their affiliate program and earn a full 100% commission on their “Option 1” and “Option 2” services. You earn a $15 commission and a $100 commission on each sale. The commissions are direct paid to you at the time of purchase so it’s a great way to generate additional 100% commissions for your affiliate marketing business.

Many affiliates then use those commissions to pay for the VIP “Done-For-You” service and fully outsource the lead generation and prospecting work to MLMROD. And the more you use and refer the system, the more your affiliate commissions stack up.

If you get the vision of how this can build your business, it’s truly a no-brainer.

You can review the video here and get started.

I recommend you test them out for at least 90 days “hard core” and really get the most leverage out of this kind of service. This is a lead generation and prospecting resource that works in addition to buying traffic and social media marketing and whatever else you’re doing to generate leads and convert them into prospects and sales for your business.

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