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Practice These Values Daily

Posted By on Apr 18, 2017

The Core Values
Worth of the Individual
Every person in you network is a valuable
member of the team. Your actions should
stress the importance of each individual to
the success of the group.
Our opportunity is for everyone. Your network
is a fellowship of equals. Treat newcomers with
the same respect you show for proven leaders.
The System frees you from the  constraints
of the world of office-based business. Every
action you take should be consistent with your
sense of personal FREEDOM.
The bonds of friendship transcend business.
Build lasting relationships with the people
in your network. Promote the Core Values
to others.
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Photos Are Important


Photos are going to capture a reader’s attention much faster than the text you in your headline or content on your page. Make sure that when you select pictures, that you are choosing ones that will resonate with your target audience. It also needs to stay in line with your brand messaging.

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Headlines Are Important

Posted By on Apr 18, 2017

Consider writing a headline with one of these models-

  • Number sequence- this gives the reader the number of points they are going to read.
  • Provocative question- ask a question that they just have to know the answer to. Write it in such a way that it peaks their curiosity.
  • How to- people will often type in “how to” do a specific task into a search engine. When you write this type of article, you are going to capture their attention.
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3 Voice Archetypes

Posted By on Apr 18, 2017

Check out these 3 voice archetypes:

  1. Sage- This is a person that has a lot of experience and can speak with authority on their subject.
  2. Sherpa- This is someone who is a few steps ahead of the reader and can offer insight into things to come.
  3. Struggler- This is the individual that is in the process and willing to share their struggle and recount their current experiences.

No matter where you are in your business, you can offer value to your reader. Don’t think you have to be an expert. Pick the voice archetype the best fits you and stick with it until it changes. There will come a day when you go from Struggler to Sherpa to Sage.

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