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Get Abundantly clear why you want to start a business. Go farther than money!

Draw a picture of your perfect day. Where are you? Is your business your only income. The more specific you are the better.  Your vision needs to pour into your every action and thought.

You need a lead magnet which could be an ebook etc.

The lead magnet needs to give specific value to the customer.

Simple to understand.

Can be used immediately




Marketing $5 day

Education and Events $50-100

Tools $129-359

Living Expenses

Eliminate unnecessary costs. Coffee shops,magazines and lottery tickets.

Save 1/3 of profits for taxes!

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Design Your Perfect Day

Posted By on Apr 19, 2017

  1.  Where would you live?
  2.  What would your house look like?
  3.  What time would you wake up?
  4. What would you do in the morning?
  5. What would you have for breakfast?
  6. What thoughts would you be having?
  7. How would you spend the first half of the day?
  8. What would you have for lunch?
  9. Who would you eat with?
  10. What would your friends be like?
  11. What would you talk about?
  12. What would you do for personal fulfillment?
  13. What life purpose would you strive towards?
  14. What would your business be?
  15. What hours would you work?
  16. What is your relationship like?


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Training with Franco

Posted By on Apr 19, 2017

EMAIL MARKETING Selling with a Daily Email

LIVE COACHING: Email Marketing Tip + Getting Started + Overview Affiliate Marketing OPEN HOUSE

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