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So it’s important to be aware and consciously
choose who we spend time with, to limit spending
time with toxic people—like these five
personalities you should avoid when chasing goals:
1. The Complainers
Complainers are people who are always complaining
about how bad their life or job or whatever is.
They constantly whine about everything but never
do anything about it.
Being around a complainer can take a toll on
you—maybe you begin to join in on the complaints,
and before you know it, you adopt their same way
of negative thinking. That pessimism is
contagious. Which is why you should think twice
before sitting down with a complainer.
2. The Entitled
These are the people who feel like they are
entitled to certain things in life, like they do
not have to work for anything, that the people
around them owe them something. They are also the
ones who will try to talk you out of following
your dreams.
This mindset can be deadly to a person trying to
be successful. It blocks your determination and
can kill your motivation in a heartbeat.
Know this: You, or anyone else, are not entitled
to anything. If you want the good life, you have
to create it.
3. The Conformers
Conformers are the most popular of all. They are
the ones who conform to the limits set on them.
They do not have any dreams they are chasing
after, and they are not doing something that goes
against the status quo. They are simply living
like robots—waking up, working 40 hours a week at
a job they hate, going home, sleeping and doing it
all over again.
There are many people who are content with this,
and that is perfectly fine. But a person who is
following their dreams simply cannot conform to
the average life.
So while working your full-time job, put in the
extra effort on the side to start building toward
something that’s more in line with your dreams.
And eventually you will be able to leave your day
job to pursue your passion full time.
4. The Party Animals
They’re the one who’s planning happy hours five
days a week, the one who lives to go out every
night. Sure, the party animal might be fun, but
beware—they can distract you from your dreams.
Don’t get me wrong, you should take time to relax
and clear your head on occasion, but bar hopping
is not the solution and it’s not going to get you
the life you’re after.
By making partying a priority, you’re distracting
yourself and breaking focus on your goals—things
bigger than dollar beers and half-price apps. In
order to grow as a person, you have to grow up
5. The Doubters
Doubters can be downers—they will listen to your
big dreams, but they will be the first ones to
tell you they don’t think it is a good idea or not
to get your hopes up. They are the ones who
believe you have to “be somebody” in order to do
something extravagant.
As somebody who is chasing their dreams, this can
be very discouraging, so identifying the doubters
in your group will be beneficial to you and your
success in the future.
Likewise, it is extremely important to keep
supportive people around you, people who encourage
you and lift your spirits when you are losing
(Article by Tyler Leslie)
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Ask open-ended questions.

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The more prospects talk about their problems, the more they sell themselves. So instead of asking questions that can be answered by a “yes” or “no” … make questions where our prospects have to explain more. Some examples:

* “What kind of skin care did you use before?”
* “What is your experience with your utility bills now?”
* “How do you feel in the morning?”
* “When you are low on energy, what do you do?”
* “What are you doing now to prevent wrinkles?”
* “What are all of the things you have to do for the family before you go to work?”
* “When the monthly bills are greater than the paycheck, how do you handle that?”

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Motivation comes from when our outside circumstances don’t match what we want. If we want to motivate prospects or our team members, we have two great ways.

#1. Point out things they are missing in their lives that they currently want.

#2. If they don’t currently want something more now, we create a desire for something new in their lives.

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Imagine if every team member doubled his or her volume. How? By simply creating more retail customers. But we might be thinking, “My team members don’t like to sell. They are shy. They don’t like rejection.”

Well, that means our team members are … normal. No one likes to be a sleazy salesman or get rejected. But what if getting retail sales was easy?

Of the hundreds of easy ways to get customers, let’s look at one way now. Establish a problem.

The purpose of business is to solve people’s problems. If people have a problem, they welcome solutions. All we have to do is make people aware of a problem. Then, they won’t look at us as salespeople, they will look at us as solution-providers.

Here is one phrase that makes creating a problem rejection-free. We will insert this phrase in front of a problem in conversation so that our listeners will feel their problems. The phrase? “Well, you know how …”

* “Well, you know how growing old really hurts?”
* “Well, you know how we hate wrinkles?”
* “Well, you know how hard it is to lose weight?”
* “Well, you know how utility bills are so high?”
* “Well, you know how we hate chemicals in our home?”
* “Well, you know how we need an energy boost in the afternoon?”

Oh my. We could even use this for our opportunity too. Some examples:

* “Well, you know how jobs interfere with our week?”
* “Well, you know how we hate commuting in traffic?”
* “Well, you know how daycare for our children is expensive?”
* “Well, you know how hard it is to get by on one paycheck?”
* “Well, you know how we don’t get enough vacation time to travel?”

Most people will agree with these questions, and then want a solution. Now, selling our product or service is easy. We are solution-providers, not salespeople.

People love people who solve problems in their lives. Getting retail customers is easy when people want us to help them solve their problems.

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So, You decided to start your $100,000.00 a year MLM business. 

How are you going to treat it?

Treat it like a treasure…not a trinket.

Treat it like it cost $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000.

Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business.

Treat it like a hobby and it will treat pay like a hobby.

The first thing to ask yourself is WHY am I doing this business?
If your WHY is big enough, you will find out how.

Money itself is not a reason. What the money will purchase is the reason…your WHY.
A new car, a new room, new house, new zip code, pay off debt, vacations, education for (fill in the blank for your desire)
Buy a new spiral notebook and on the first page, with pencil, write your WHY. Use a pencil because it    will change as you reach objectives and gain some of the things money will buy.
Cut out images from magazines and other sources of what you want your buisness to provide for you. Paste the pictures on a vision board and hang it where you will see it every day. Call it your dream board.

Your business can bring financial freedom and time freedom to your life.

When things don’t go as you planned, it is time review your WHY.
When things get tough it is time to review your WHY.
Look at your dream board and see WHY you must continue your business.

You are now CEO of your new $100,000 a year business. 
You are your only employee. (Everyone else is a volunteer.)

You must employ yourself.
Write out a job description of what you expect of yourself…plan…do…review each day.

Get out of your comfort zone.
Invite people to your web site and conference calls.
Hand out brochures and other company promotional materials.

 If you were given a $100,000.00 job and a requirement was to be on 2 conference calls a week, would you find time? 
You learn…re-sponsor yourself and set a good example for your people when you are on a conference call.
One is for you and your prospects to learn about the product an the business.
The other is for training on how to build your business.
Get on two a week and have someone with you. A prospect or someone you sponsored.
Your people will do what you do. If they are on the call, they want to hear you on the call.
One hour of calls a week can bring success.

Learn the compensation plan so you can set realistic objectives and goals for earnings.

Your first objective is to sponsor one person. Then repeat.

Another goal may be to earn enough commission to pay for your product.

Go back to your WHY for other objectives and goals.

The PRODUCT is for CONSUMING. Try it before you ask someone else to try it.
They will ask what it does for you. You must have a believable answer.
If you don’t use it, why would they?

This business is a Lifestyle. It is about personal development. Are you willing to grow?
Requesting and reading the e-book proves you are.
Are you teachable or are you going to reinvent the wheel?
The conference calls and trainings will teach about your company, product and compensation plan.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Use your sponsor. Go upline. Go to the company. Use your back office. Tap into the training calls.   Duplicate the successful people.

Be a product of the product.
Order product.
Order brochures and other promotional materials.

What is your commitment level?
How long are you committed?
If you say, “I am going to try it for 30 days or three months”…you have set yourself up for failure.
You can’t fail unless you quit so don’t start with a quitting date in mind.

Be responsible and accountable.
     Be responsible, to yourself, your sponsor and the people you sponsor.
Be accountable to yourself first

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