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Maintaining a constant source (or sources) of people to talk to about your opportunity is the weak link in most Network Marketing leaders business plan.
Finding a constant flow of candidates is the Holy Grail of business builders. If you can keep them coming to look, you will find some that are ready to play. The key is to have enough coming to look.
So how do you keep them coming?
There are two types of Network Marketing leads:
The person you network your way into.
The one for which you pay.
The first type of leads are people that you either already know or are willing to meet and build enough rapport with so that you can invite them to take a look. A full 90% of successful Network Marketing leaders were introduced to their opportunity by someone they know … hence the nomenclature Network Marketing.
So as painful as it is, you have to ask: Who do you know?
A more expanded way of looking at it is not so much who you know, but rather who knows you? If you have any center of influence about you at all, there are more people who know you than people you know.
Are you, or have you been, on any boards or committees?
Have you ever held any kind of office?
Have you ever written anything that was published for others to read?
Have you ever had anything written about you?
Think. Who knows you?
You are most likely already teaching your new distributors to make a list, but do you have one? Is yours perpetual? Keeping an ever-expanding list of candidates is a must for keeping your pipeline full of possibilities.
Once in a sponsoring training, I had a new leader who was only approaching one candidate a week. I asked him what was missing that he was not talking to a lot more people. I asked him how many people he had on his list. He had 12. He was only approaching one a week because he did not want to run out. Think about the sense of urgency. Think about your sense of urgency if you have 12 people on your list versus if you have 1,200.
Spend the time to spend the money.
So how do you keep an ever-growing list of candidates that either you know or who know you? Dedicate time and practice to it. What if you scheduled 30 minutes a week to brainstorm names of people you can add to your list? The biggest missing piece for leaders to keep their list growing; they do not consistently dedicate time to do it.
So what do you do with the time?
Simple, interview yourself. Interview yourself using the same type categories you use with your new distributors. Who do you know that is a ___________? Go through the Yellow Pages or an online occupational registry and fill in the blank with occupations. It is the easiest way to trigger who you know. Combining these two pieces always results with the experienced “thought they ran out of warm market” leaders to add 100 more names to their list in 30 minutes.
Try it, take a group of leaders and make it a contest.
Set them up with this training and a trigger occupation list.
Give them 30 minutes in a live setting.
Ask them to hit at least 100.
Give a prize to whoever adds the most names to their list.
Then let them talk about the experience. It works every time. Do it for yourself once a week and you will never run out of warm market leads.
Networking … expanding the circle of people who trust you and utilizing that network to produce intended results.
This is the core of our art. This is how you continuously add to the list of people that you know and who know you.
Here are the steps to mastering it:
Make yourself visible.
Whether on the net, in person or in print.
Join groups like internet chats or blogs, Toastmasters, a local yoga class, or coach your kids’ sports teams. The best networkers are continually expanding their circle of influence by participating in groups.
One of my favorites is to read the local newspaper and look for free presentations by experts; be it health, financial, real estate, etc. There are always events going on where like-minded people gather in the right frame of mind.

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