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Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Posted By on Apr 27, 2017

Make the move

Get it early

Get what you want

Think outside the box

Realize your potential

If you believe you can achieve

Give it everything you got

Create your own circumstance

Hard work pays off

Take a chance on what you love

Embrace mistakes

Have enthusiasm

Stay ahead of the game

Failure is acceptable

Be good and stay good

Don’t lose your passion

Push your individuality

Always learn more

Utilize life’s hardships

Be a problem solver

You are your greatest investment

Stay true to yourself

Keep pushing

Hold your dream

Be clear and specific

Prepare yourself

What you do counts

Tell yourself it is possible

Embrace failures

Listen to your dream

Don’t play it safe

Don’t rush success

Get advice from experts

Learn from your mistakes

Learn by doing it

Failure is a journey

Ask the impossible

Just do it

Jump in the deep end

Take risks

Plan for the future

Work with people above you

Don’t do it for the money

Keep Grinding

Make a choice

Take responsibility

Don’t be afraid to fail

Have the desire

Live in the now

Listen first

Learn from your losses

Be open minded

Be the hardest worker

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready

Gain the knowledge

Have intention

Go hard

Keep going

Have a vision

Love to win

Change your outlook

Choose your destiny

Don’t be held back

Define worse case scenerio

Think big

Be curious

Keep moving forward

Stay agile

It is better to start now than to wait

If you fail, rise up again

Believe in what you are dreaming

Always improve your methods

Make your work important to others

Know why you are doing what you are doing (purpose)

Have a good story

Work on something even if you had no money

An idea is worthless unless you put it into motion

Dream big

Work on things that you love

Surround yourself with people on the same mission

Have passion

Push for a happy life

Be a starter, not a talker

Work on your passion

Start off small

Do something you love not for financial gain

Don’t let others set your limits

It is a tough journey take care of yourself

Don’t waste time start now

Act on your dreams

Commit to it

Money isn’t the only way to show success

Have an effect on others

Give things a try

Forget about what others think of you

Dedicate time to your dreams

Dream bigger

Be relentless

Live about your potential

Learn from your mistakes




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Big Al

Big Al

Posted By on Apr 27, 2017

Mindset #2: How to instantly get rid of our fear of selling.

If our team feels “icky” about selling to their friends, this mindset change takes 15 seconds.

You can read the first four mindset changes free in the Amazon preview. Just click on the “Look Inside” on the book image. Enjoy the great ways to get team members to enjoy retailing their products and services.

Like “sound bites” for retailing? I put a 2,000 word chapter entirely on “sound bites” and examples for different industries. I love “sound bites” for getting prospects to internalize special feelings to compel them to buy.

Don’t know about “sound bites” and their effects? Here are a couple examples you can use.

* “If you don’t take care of your body, then where are you going to live?”
* “Cheap makeup makes us look … cheap.”
* “Wrinkle shrinker.”
* “Poison-proof your house.”
* “Chlorine is great for bleaching clothes, but not for our stomachs.”

But, we shouldn’t limit our “sound bites” to just retailing. Opportunity “sound bites” rock too!

Anyway, enjoy the free preview of the first four mindsets to get our teams retailing more products and helping more people.

Here is the link:

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Memory Jogger

Posted By on Apr 27, 2017

You do not have to run out of people to tell about your business

There is an UNLIMITED list for you. It is your memory jogger.

Here is a memory jogger to put to WORK. 
Click here for your memory jogger

Use it to jot down the names in your note book.
     Work at it and you will remember pages of names.
In addition to your notebook, you will need a stack of blank 3 X 5 index cards.

Once you are at the end of your list you will want to go through all the names again.
Go through your list and select the 5 that you feel will want to try your product.
Write the name on an index card. You can find their phone number later.
Go through your list again and find the 5 that need or want more money.
Write the name on an index card. You can find their phone number later. You now have your top ten prospects. Approach them first, and then select the next ten.

Don’t be a victim and say it won’t work for me.

Be a victor and let it work for you with the help of the team.

Tap into your list of names and share your product or your business.

  • Share the product with them.
  • Share the business opportunity with them.
  • Once you have the 10 names…approach them, give them your link and do a three way call with your upline.
  • After you have given them the information you will need to follow up later.
  • buy a set of 1 to 31 day dividers and put the card with the name of the person behind the date to follow up. Then put the cards and dividers in a recipe card box..

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