Posts made in April 28th, 2017

  1. The Value Proposition-What are you building/selling and to whom?
  2. The Customer-Who are they and why would they buy from you.
  3. Channels-What channels are you going to use to get the customers? Internet, off-line?
  4. Customer Relationship-How will you get the customers,grow your customers and keep your customers?
  5. Revenue streams-What is the value or the product/service you are offering. How will you make money from the customers.
  6. Key Resources-What do your finances look like. Do you need a line of credit?
  7. Partners-Who are your partners and or suppliers? What are you acquiring for your company? What is everyone’s key activities?
  8. Activities-What is the most important key activities for your business? What problems are you going to solve for your customers?
  9. Cost-What is your structure? What are all your costs combined? What are the most important costs and how expensive? What are your fixed and variable costs?

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