24 Strategies to Succeed in Sales

Posted By Anne Pinney on May 6, 2017 | 0 comments

  1.  Guard your customers with your life.
  2. It’s the relationship not the price. Build with value.
  3. Time to get going. Train with sales and service.
  4. Review your quality and eliminate anything that isn’t the best. Elevate everything you do.
  5. Network your butt off. Have a 1 year networking plan.
  6. You need to be a person of value-What do the top 10 people in your industry know about you?
  7. Make a list of 10 things low in cost but high in value to give to your customers/prospects.
  8. Build your reputation. What do people say about you when you are not around?
  9. Make decisions based on who you want to become. Needs to be based on words, deeds and actions.
  10. Spend more time on solutions.  What solutions make you a winner?
  11. Study attitude- Spend 15 minutes a day reading.
  12. Invest don’t spend.  What is your time investment in your self each day?
  13. Create a real difference between you and everyone else.  Work on differentiation in new ways.  What is memorable about you? What is different?
  14. New rules include the internet and e-commerce. Give information to build their business.
  15. Study creativity-update everything. What book on creativity are you reading?
  16. Learn joy of rejection-practice cold calling.
  17. Work while others are sleeping.  Get up earlier and go to bed later.
  18. Be a morning person.  What are you doing in the morning? What could you be doing?
  19. What ar you doing off the job? Invest in books and training?
  20. Put goals in front of your face and say them twice daily.  Post them everywhere.
  21. Figure out daily dose and do it.  Make 30 sales with 5 appointments a day.
  22. Bet on yourself. What can you do to be leaner and meaner?
  23. Attitude-when people ask you how ya doing? Respond with cashing in checks!!!
  24. Its up to you.  Take responsibility and ownership of your job,work habits,customers and yourself.
  25. Fight for it-what could you be fighting harder for?


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