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AquaLyte™ is a sachet (miniature tea bag) containing specially processed coral granules that are gathered from the ocean floor without harm to the reef. (This is all regulated by the Japanese government and Eco-friendly.) AquaLyte™ was created by the original inventor who started the whole coral mineral business in Japan. Because of the proprietary process, no other coral mineral product works as well as AquaLyte™ to structure your water and support your health.

AquaLyte™ has the very same minerals found to be at the source of the extraordinary coral water in Okinawa. Our bodies not only need the right size (ionic) minerals for our cells, but also a vast array of minerals, and AquaLyte™ provides both. The proprietary processing of AquaLyte™ keeps all 72 vital minerals in an “ionically charged” state. When the sachet is added to water the minerals release immediately and the water is transformed into “healthy water” within minutes.

Drinking AquaLyte™ mineral rich water gently helps the body rid itself of toxins and helps to support your body’s proper pH balance. Now you can have the kind of water that the people of Okinawa drink, which is attributed to their excellent health and longevity…..without the trip to Japan! You will never want to drink “ordinary water” again. One AquaLyte™ pack contains 30 sachets which makes a total of 15 gallons of healthy water.

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By Fred Kaufman
Welcome health seeker,

Although we may have never met, we probably have a lot in common. Especially if you, like me, have been searching for a natural breakthrough to improve, or restore your health.
My name is Fred Kaufman and after researching health and nutrition for more than 40 years, I have some exciting news to share with you today Finally, I can reveal to you an almost lost secret of health and longevity that I have rediscovered.
This has nothing to do with taking handfuls of tablets and pills and you won’t have to resort to a boring diet of carrots and celery either.
What I am about to reveal is so remarkably simple it’s as easy as drinking a glass of water. Yet it has the potential to take your health to a whole new level like nothing you’ve ever tried before.
My search for this secret involved scouring the farthest corners of the globe to find the easiest, yet most effective ways to help people just like you and me, to learn the truth about how to become healthier and live longer.
I never imagined it would be anything so simple, yet perfectly logical at the same time.
Let me start by giving you a statement from the ancient philosopher Pericles that will help explain why you haven’t heard about this before now. He said something that is actually quite astounding. He said: “sometimes the truth is so unbelievable, it escapes becoming known”.
Just think about that for a moment. The truth being so hard to believe that it isn’t accepted and therefore remains unknown. I am about to reveal to you a secret that has remained hidden, simply because it was so simple that it seemed unbelievable.
Up to now we have basically only had two options in regards to health:
A. On one side, the medical establishment has led us to believe that the only way to restore health and eliminate pain is by taking toxic prescription drugs, or undergoing dangerous surgeries.
B. On the other side, the alternative, natural health practitioners are telling us that we have to take handfuls of tablets and capsules, or follow a boring, tasteless diet. (Been there, done that.)
Who is right? This may be shocking to you, but the answer is . . . neither.
You see, I didn’t stop my investigation with what is already being preached by that old split thinking.
Plus it was obvious to me that both approaches had failed to heal the suffering masses of people . . . I knew I wasn’t alone. I wanted to find out if there was a better, easier, simpler way and . . . that’s exactly what I found!
Before I reveal this amazing secret, I only ask that you promise to keep reading, because, as I said this is a very simple secret and I want to explain it to you to give you a deeper understanding of why it was almost lost.
First, let me ask you a question. If you had the opportunity to search the whole world to find out how to live long, live healthy and live pain free, where would you start your search?
I was faced with that same question and I came up with a basic answer: find the place where people already live longer, live healthier and live pain free. So that’s what I did, and guess where my search took me?

Would You Have Guessed to the Ryukyu Islands in the
Okinawa Province of Japan?

In fact, that’s where I found the world’s oldest living man. Actually, in 1979, the Guinness Book of World Records documented this man, Shigechiyo Izumi, who at the time was 115 years old and he made it all the way to 120 years and 237 days!
Shigechiyo Izumi was not only the last recognized surviving person of the 1860s; he also held a second world record for “the longest career.”
Mr. Izumi had worked as a farmer spanning 98 years until he retired at the young age of 105! Would you believe that he started smoking when he was 70 and regularly drank barley wine . . . impossible right???

Worlds oldest man

The World’s Largest Double Blind Study
Reveals The Okinawan Longevity Secret!

Naturally, the publicity surrounding Mr. Izumi aroused the curiosity of the Japanese doctors and scientists, so they launched an official investigation to discover what was so unique about this man.

What they found was something rather astonishing.

He wasn’t unique at all!

Surprisingly, they discovered that there were “four times as many people” over 100 years old living in Okinawa, than there were on the other Japanese islands.

But they didn’t stop there.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, these people weren’t dying of the leading causes of death (cancer, heart disease, and stroke) at the same rate as those on the other islands either.
The mystery continued until one day Professor Emeritus, Jun Kobayashi at Okayama University, came forward with the surprising answer . . . it was their water!
Prof. Kobayashi had been studying the water supplies all over the world, and especially in Japan, for about 40 years. He discovered that the water in Okinawa was different than the water on the other islands.

The Okinawan Wonder!

You see, unlike the other islands, Okinawa is made of an ancient coral reef; much like Hawaii is made of an ancient volcano.
When it rains on the Okinawan islands, the water soaks into the ground and is enhanced by the coral minerals. It becomes rich with highly absorbable ionic minerals, gains a higher (alkaline) pH, becomes a super anti-oxidant and takes on the ideal molecular structure to quench your thirsty cells.
All of the water the Okinawans drink, give to their animals, and water their crops with, is superior to the water available on the other islands.
Early on, these longevity researchers were unaware of what was happening. Even the Japanese Ministry of Health was just “gathering statistics.” And that, my friend, is a double-blind study, and “The Secret of the World’s Oldest Man.”

This is “The Secret” Why Okinawans are the Healthiest,
Longest Living People in the World.

Here are 9 benefits you may experience while drinking this “Amazing Water:

  1. Helps support proper digestion
  2. Helps support healthy weight loss
  3. Helps support proper pH to combat “acidosis”
  4. Helps support optimal muscle, joint, and bone health
  5. Helps support healthy skin and guard against dehydration
  6. Helps support the body to guard against free radical damage
  7. Helps support the body to flush out toxins at the cellular level
  8. Helps support the body to guard against the effects of premature aging and wrinkles
  9. Helps support healthy oxygen and energy levels for optimal athletic performance, and everyday life

I can guess what you may be thinking: water is just water . . . plain old H20” and nothing more, right?

This is exactly why the secret has remained unknown for so long. Who could believe “The Secret” was as simple . . . as just water.

Aha, but this is NOT ordinary water, far from it!

This water has been restructured at the molecular level, by this very special source of ocean minerals, instantly transforming ordinary water into life giving healthy water.

Here are some important ways that Aqualyte™ improves ordinary water:

  1. Neutralizes chlorine and removes chemicals in tap water
  2. Changes water into antioxidant water by lowering the oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
  3. Restructures water molecules for better absorption and hydration by lowering the surface tension of the water
  4. Replenishes vital minerals lost in water treatment and bottled water, especially distilled and reverse osmosis which have no minerals


Your Blood Depends on the “Right” Water

AquaLyte is the premier product on the planet when it comes to mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant water.

Now here comes the best part!

With the help of the Japanese inventor, I am now able to bring this special water directly to you, but it’s not sold in bottles and it’s not sold in stores. It is exclusively sold through Basic Reset, a Referral Marketing Program.

The AquaLyte Secret Is Now Yours through Basic Reset!

AquaLyte is a sachet (miniature tea bag) of specially processed coral granules with a vast array of minerals. The same assortment of minerals found in the remarkable water that the people of Okinawa drink.
Simply add this little sachet to any water and it quickly becomes transformed to be like the unique water of Okinawa.
The coral granules are gathered from the ocean floor without harming the reef. This process actually helps the reef flourish, and is regulated by the Japanese government and is Eco-friendly.
I have been testing the remarkable effects AquaLyte has on water for many years and the reports I get from people who drink it are nothing short of amazing.
Drinking water with AquaLyte every day is the fastest, easiest way to restore a healthy alkaline balance and renew youthful vitality… in no time flat!
Maybe you’ve already heard of coral calcium, or even tried it. Just be aware that there are a lot of “copy-cat” products out there. Most of them are just powder in a capsule and that has nothing to do with the “Secret of the World’s Oldest Man”.
They are missing the most important part of the science behind Aqualyteit transforms water! Its power comes from the changes it makes in the water as well as the minerals. You can’t get the same benefits by swallowing powdered coral with a glass of water. The minerals must be IN THE WATER to transform it into healthier water. Now you have a “one – two punch”!
I have to tell you that I am the one who first introduced coral mineral sachets to the U.S. AquaLyte is the “genuine coral mineral sachet” from the original inventor who started the whole coral business in Japan. He developed a “special proprietary process” that no one has been able to duplicate, although many have tried.
The proprietary processing of AquaLyte keeps all 72 vital minerals in an “ionically charged” state – which means these coral minerals are ready to go to work for you immediately helping your body avoid mineral deficiencies, acidosis, and chronic dehydration.
For optimal health, your body needs all 72 major and trace minerals every day to help support all bodily processes and to balance your pH even if you somehow managed to eat all the right foods you could still be mineral deficient.


With AquaLyte you’ll be empowered by 72 synergistic minerals, including:


Phosphorous: Needed to help support cellular energy (ATP) and build DNA and RNA.
Zinc: Every aspect of cell health depends on zinc including protein production.
Iodine: Called the universal cellular nutrient and essential for proper thyroid function.
Selenium: A powerful cellular antioxidant that fights damaging free radicals.
Iron: Helps normal brain and nerve function by transporting oxygen to cells.
Copper: Helps develop and sustain immune system function and red blood cells.
Manganese: A powerful antioxidant that protects mitochondria power centers.
Chromium: Helps support healthy cholesterol, heart cells, and helps regulate blood sugar.
Molybdenum: Is required for the activity of enzymes that are involved in eliminating toxic substances.
Calcium: Vital to nerve, brain, and heart function and for healthy bone density.
Magnesium: Key for energy production in cells, bones, nerves and cardiovascular health.
Boron: Helps cells use calcium and magnesium for healthy skin, joints, and bones.
Cobalt: Works with vitamin B12, nickel, and vitamin C for healthy heart cell receptors.


Plus 59 More Synergistic Trace Minerals Including Silver!

Here are water crystal photos by Dr. Masaru Emoto showing the effects of AquaLyte on tap water:


Regular Tap Water Crystal

Water Crystal Enhanced with AquaLyte

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AquaLyte comes with a 30 day ROCK SOLID, UNCONDITIONAL, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE –less shipping and handling of course.

So join some of the longest living people on Mother Earth and share in the amazing benefits of the “right” kind of water.

If for any reason you are not absolutely satisfied with your AquaLyte please return your product within 30 days “for a prompt and courteous refund.